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Hardened Watermen Enjoy the Smooth Touch of SeaGlass


On the evening of July 12, Town Center Market in Riverdale Park, Md., played host to a special wine tasting event in which customers came and sampled all of Trinchero Family Estates' SeaGlass wines from the Central Coast in California's Santa Barbara County.  They included SeaGlass Rose, Riesling, Chardonnay, Pinot Grigio, Pinot Noir, and Cabernet Sauvignon.  For every bottle of SeaGlass that was sold that night, the Trinchero family donated a portion of the proceeds to the Maryland Waterman's Association (MWA).

Among those in attendance was Nicole Crews, Trinchero Family Estates' District Manager for Maryland and Washington, D.C.  She remarked, "This was a featured event at Town Center Market to introduce their customers to SeaGlass Wines and how they could help out a great local nonprofit organization. The account really wanted to take it to the next level, so we decided it would be fun and educational to incorporate a seafood element."

And did they ever!  The event featured an oyster tasting complete with a local professional oyster shucker in attendance.  "So you could have a few oysters, drink some great wine, and give back to our local watermen," remarked Crews.

She noted that the proprietors of Town Center Market, formerly known as Dumm's Corner Market, were eager to do their part in helping improve the health of Maryland's waterways, which includes the Chesapeake Bay in its watershed.  Founded in 1973, the MWA is a non-profit organization that represents the interest of commercial fishermen, seafood processors, wholesalers, and ancillary businesses in the seafood industry across the Old Line State.  For more than four decades, the association has worked to ensure a future for independent watermen and seafood businesses statewide.  Since its inception, the organization has collaborated with local and state legislatures and the state's agencies to ensure that regulations and laws are fair to the industry.

Crews noted that the Trincheros were drawn to the MWA for three reasons: one, the association's true dedication to the seafood industry; two, its efforts to preserve Maryland's beloved coastline; and, three, an eagerness to help protect marine wildlife for generations to come.  In addition to the special tasting event that evening at Town Center Market, Crews said $1 per case from every case of SeaGlass wine that is sold from March until August 2018 throughout Maryland is being donated to the Maryland Waterman's Association from Trinchero Family Estates.


She stated, "As one of the leading wine companies in the United States, Trinchero Family Estates has remained a family-owned Napa Valley-based company since the Trinchero family purchased the Sutter Home winery in 1948.  Now, with over 1,000 employees, approximately 10,000 acres of vineyards, more than 40 brands, and millions of customers, we are the custodians of our environment and our communities."

Crews continued, "As an agriculturally-based company, we have a responsibility to our community and our roots -- the land and the people behind the growth of our business and our brands.  We strive to set the standard and be an example of environmental stewardship, charitable giving, and responsibility. Trinchero Family Estates has been committed to corporate social responsibility for decades, from sustainable farming and innovative philanthropic initiatives to the way in which we run our business and live our lives. The Trinchero family and management team is dedicated to not only creating quality products for consumers, but ensuring they are produced sustainably and enjoyed responsibly. The company strives to uphold the values established over 65 years ago."

And those values mean more events like the one at Town Center Market.  Crews played a key role in putting together the evening and was kind enough to share some of the keys to putting on a good wine tasting event?  Number one is find the right account to partner with.  Two, there must be great communications when organizing such an event. Advertising through social media has also become a must, she added.  And in this particular case, having the proper people from the account -- Trinchero Family Estates, Republic National Distributing Company, and the Maryland Waterman’s Association -- all in attendance for the event was a big key.  "It was a very successful evening," she concluded, "one that told the story of the wine and the partnership with the organization."

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