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United Malts of America

Readying barrels at Balcones Distilling in Waco, Texas. Photograph courtesy of Balcones Distilling

Readying barrels at Balcones Distilling in Waco, Texas. Photograph courtesy of Balcones Distilling

Distillers push for regional terroir expression—as well as a formal definition—in the burgeoning American Single Malt category

By Jack Robertiello

The young, fast-growing American single malt whiskey category is at a crossroads. For the past two decades, the curiosity factor surrounding American single malt buoyed producers as they ramped up production and fine-tuned the skill of distilling malted barley.

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Canned Cocktails Are Crushing It

Tip Top Photograph by Mia Yakel

Tip Top Photograph by Mia Yakel

How bartenders and craft distillers are revolutionizing the fast-growing RTD category with bar-quality cocktails in a can

By Alia Akkam

hen Tom Macy, a partner at Clover Club and Leyenda in Brooklyn, New York, created a bottled Paloma at Leyenda, he “discovered that it was better than the Paloma we made at the bar.” Intrigued, Macy sampled every ready-to-drink (RTD) product he could find and concluded: “We thought we could do it better.”

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Nikita Corn Vodka


The story of Nikita Corn Vodka starts during the Cold War Era when the then Premier of the Soviet Union Nikita Khrushchev, impressed by the corn agriculture in the U.S., sought to plant corn throughout all the regions of the country--even in Siberia.

The idea proved to be mostly a disaster, but not for Ukraine. Corn is considered the "gold" of Ukraine. It is one of the main agricultural crops. There are ideal conditions for its cultivation, including fertile Ukrainian chernozem (soil rich in minerals and high moisture retention capacity). 

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S & W Liquors: Celebrating 50 Years


S & W Liquors is celebrating 50 years in business and is, "Still Fighting the Good Fight!"  Some journalists are just fated to write certain articles. September 2020 will mark my 50th year on this planet. August 2020 marked S & W Liquors' 50th year in business. A random assignment? Or … destiny? I'm going with the latter.

Kevin Shifflett is the third-generation owner and operator of the Temple Hills store that has been in his family since the late summer of 1970. "I've been here my entire life," he said, during a recent interview with the Beverage Journal."

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