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ViVi from Roberto Mascarin


The Vineyards of San Valentino were born from a dream and a great passion for the land and its fruits.  The vineyard is located in the region of Emilia
Romagna (Italy) on the hills of Rimini, but a few steps from the sea. Roberto Mascarin and his family have been producing wines from this territory bordered by the Adriatic Sea to the east and by the first peak of the Apennines to the west since 1990.

Their ViVi, Colli Di Rimini Rebola D.O.P. 2017 Organic Selection, wine is dedicated to Valeria Vivian, wife of Roberto Mascarin. The first vintage he made for this wine was the 2017, which is when he lost his wife to cancer. 

“Roberto called the wine ViVi,” explained Maurizio Farro of Cantiniere Imports.   “ViVi was how his wife was known and, in Italian, means LIVE.  Meaning live your life, and I would say, to the fullest.” 

ViVi bravely fought against her cancer for years.  Her bravery in her battle against her disease is why Roberto chose a painting of Wonder Woman for the label of the wine that bears his wife’s name.  

The original Wonder Woman painting that is now on the ViVi wine label is by Antony Lister, a contemporary Australian-born painter and installation artist, best known for inventing ‘adventure painting’.

As well as Antony Lister’s Wonder Woman, also adorning the label is the following text written in ViVi’s own hand: 


Prologue ... 

Life is worth living... always

for a smile, for a joy

for a tear, for a fight

for a love, for a pain

for a surprise, for a happy event

for a sad news, for a win

for a defeat

      Being there




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