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In Memoriam: Edwin R. Malin


On February 5, 2017, Edwin 'Eddie' R. Malin; beloved husband of Doris Malin and a long-time, highly respected member of the licensed beverage industry departed this world. 

I met Mr. Malin in 1993 shortly after Lee W. Murray, Publisher of the Beverage Journal, hired me ... 'Nice to meet you Mr. Malin.'  "Stop that 'Mr.' stuff, I'm Ed or Eddie.  Either is fine."

Ed (as I became comfortable calling him) was a great person.  But many of you don't need me to tell you that. 

Ed first joined the industry in 1958 when he purchased and began operating the Lafayette Tavern in Baltimore (as announced in the July 1958 Maryland1958_Ed_Malin.jpg-Washington-Delaware Beverage Journal -- see inset). Ed then took a sales position at the Kronhiem Company that lasted over 30 years. Ed eventually made the move to the supplier tier where he consulted for and promoted many brands in the Mid-Atlantic market.


In 1994, Lee announced "Easy" Edwin Ronald Malin's entry into the Beverage Journal Sales Person Hall of Fame.  Lee published a five-page feature article on Ed in the December 1994 edition of the Beverage Journal.  

I remember being in the office the day Lee and Ed sat in plastic lawn chairs under flickering fluorescent office lighting at the Beverage Journal 'conference table' (an old rickety thing) and recounted  “Easy" Ed's memories.   I don't recall exactly how long they sat and talked, but I do remember the staff of the two companies that occupied the space at the time gathering around the two and listening to Ed’s recounting of his life experiences in and out of the industry.  

In honor of Mr. Malin, we have reproduced all five pages of the article/interview Lee published in 1994.

You will find the article, as it appeared in the December 1994 Beverage Journal, by clicking here

May you rest in peace Mr. Malin and may your family and friends find comfort.

(I'd like to thank Amy Shugar for her assistance in compiling information for this piece.)

Click Here to check out the entire article as it appeared in The Journal. 


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